Chris Brown's Lover XPoses him

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Miss Chris Brown has got secrets. His Gay Lover who we will just call “Jordan” hit H8terade Radio up before going to any of the other Lesser blogs. Jordan, who is an aspiring rapper, claims that he was the one who sent text messages to Chris Brown during the fateful night. Though during our initial he won’t tell us what was going on sexually (who was on top who was on bottom) he did state it wasn’t really romantic. They just wanted to get off sexually. Often times involving another girl, some times just them. The shocker was that he seemed very much anti-gay, typical DL nonsense. So ladies, make sure yo niggaz aint getting they cakes smashed by some nigga, or hell even by some woman. Before we believed him he was force to supply us with evidence. He sent numerous pictures of he and Chris including clips from the “Kiss, Kiss” video, in which he WAS an extra. When asked, jokingly, how much was CB packing he said, “(giggles) oh it’s big.”

- says repeatedly that he and Chris are not gay (he has two kids and "Chris likes the bitches")
- says Chris isn't the type to beat up girls
- he thought it was shitty of Rihanna to go on 20/20
- he doesn't want to be famous, is keeping his identity secret because he wants to be a rapper
- wishes Rihanna the best of luck, hasn't spoken to Chris in two years

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