Snooki Wants to Date a Businessman

Moving away from the "juiceheads" of her past, everyone's favorite Jersey Shore guidette is snookin' for love with a very specific kind of man.

Snooki tells E!'s Daily Ten:

The past luck that I’ve had with these gorillas isn’t amazing. It’s not a fairy tale. I want a fairy tale and I feel if I can get a fairy tale with anybody, it would be like a successful businessman and his last name needs to end in a vowel.

Exes Jeff Miranda and Emilio Masella have the vowel-ending surnames going for them, but both fell short on the 'happily ever after front,' what with Emilio cheating on Snook and gimmicky Jeff proposing on the cover of Steppin Out magazine.

At least Snooki is raking in the dough while she waits for her Prince Charming-o!

ONTD, who should Snooki date?