Which Celebrities sold the most magazine covers? Take a guess

Can you guess which celeb covers sold the most for these magazines?

People Stylewatch: Taylor Swift, Jen Aniston, Lauren Conrad, Jessica Simpson, Kim K and Kate Hudson

Highlight Paragraph for result and details: Winner: Lauren Conrad
The magazine’s June-July issue, with Lauren Conrad on the cover, proved to be the first-half bestseller (with 621,000 copies sold at the newsstand

InStyle : Gwen Stefani, Scarlett Johanson and J-Lo

Highlight Paragraph for result and details: Winner: J-LO
Indeed, the age of a cover subject seems to show that older often can be better. On InStyle's covers, 40-year-old Gwen Stefani outsold 25-year-olds Scarlett Johansson and Leona Lewis (648,000, 579,000 and 610,000, respectively) -- and all three were outsold by Jennifer Lopez, who was 40 when she was on the cover in September and sold a whopping 853,000 copies (though September, as mentioned, usually is the biggest month).

Elle Magazine: SJP, J-Lo, K-Stew

Highlight Paragraph for result and details: Winner: SJP
At Elle, when Parker, then 44, was on the cover in December, she outsold Lopez on the cover from February (285,000 copies vs. 161,000 copies on newsstands) and 20-year-old Stewart's June cover (207,000 copies).

Blake Lively, SJP, Cate Blanchett

Highlight Paragraph for result and details: Winner: SJP
Vogue also had good luck with Parker, whose May cover sold nearly 325,000 copies on the newsstand. Parker outsold June's cover with 22-year-old Blake Lively on the cover (248,000) and December's with Cate Blanchett, then 40, out front.

Vogue Magazine’s Talent-free Trifecta: Jessica Biel, Blake Lively and Kate Bosworth

Highlight Paragraph for result and details: Winner: Kate Bosworth
According to the Audit Bureau Of Circulations, Lively's February 2009 cover sold about 50,000 copies less than the same cover the year before (Kate Bosworth), with about 340,000 copies. (Then again, Jessica Biel's hideous February 2010 cover only sold 250,000 copies.

People Magazine: Elin Nordegren, Sandra and her “Cajun Cookie”, Brangelina

Highlight Paragraph for result: Winner: Homewrecking Ho-bag and most boring man alive
"Everyone at People will be popping the champagne this morning. Early numbers show that Elin sold around 2 million copies, way up from its average of 1.4 million, yet not quite the 2.5 million Angelina sold."
The Sandra Bullock People magazine baby cover has sold more than 2.7 million copies, only 100,000 copies shy of the Jolie-Pitt record of 2.8 million.

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