Miss Jackson would love to work with Gaga

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Janet Jackson has previously spoken about her friendship with Lady Gaga, and now it seems she is hoping to collaborate with the "Alejandro" singer.

In a recent interview with the U.K.'s Metro, Jackson says that she had her eye on Gaga even before she became famous.

"What I love about Gaga is her story, where she came from," Jackson said in the interview. "Before she made it, before anyone knew who she was, I knew who she was and, to see her finally make it, I was so happy . . . if we were to work together that would be cool."

Earlier this year, Jackson also revealed that, in her opinion, Lady Gaga is not only a great artist but also a great person.

"I really love Gaga, yeah, and she's a sweetheart. It's not always the case when you meet them. You can enjoy their work, but it's not always ... so pleasant when you get to know their personality, and she truly is a sweetheart," she told MTV.

Jackson also offered a few words of wisdom to Gaga, adding: "She works so hard, and I told her, I think she needs to slow down just a little bit, take some time out for herself."

This would be cool! Miss Jackson could teach Gaga some dance moves, lol