Creative Pop Culture Art MEGAPOST!


Image heavy!!

3D Portraits

Alex Queral creates amazing three-dimensional portraits by carving faces of famous people into recycled phone books.

Clint Eastwood

Barack Obama

Ringo Starr

Jack Nicholson

Albert Einstein

Michael Moore

Cassette Tape Portraits

Erika Iris Simmons, a talented self-taught artist, creates amazing portraits of famous musicians out of recycled audio cassette tapes.

Michael Jackson

Bob Marley

Bob Dylan

Lauryn Hill

iPad/Mac Stickers

Snow White

Lady Gaga


True Blood

Egg Shell Carvings

Marilyn Monroe

Michael Jackson

Human Face Paintings

 James Kuhn is an American artist who creates incredible face paintings using his own face as a canvas.
These are kind of freaky, proceed at your own risk...


The Simpsons and Donald Duck

The Seven Dwarfs and Cowardly Lion

Fun with Album Covers

David Bowie

John Lennon and Yoko Ono

John Travolta


Bob Marley


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