Will Forte Leaving Saturday Night Live

After eight seasons of portraying eccentric characters like Andy the “Ohhhhhhhh, Noooooooo!” guy and totally heroic ones like MacGruber, Will Forte will not return for this fall’s 36th season of Saturday Night Live, according to the New York Times. Forte’s parting was reportedly at his own choosing and he plans to pursue other projects.

During an interview this May prior to the release of the MacGruber feature film, Forte told EW, “I can’t imagine not being [at SNL]… It’s the longest job I’ve had. But you can’t stay forever. I love working there, though. And I love everybody that I work with. So I would not be surprised if I was back for another year. It’s such hard work, but it’s also unlike anything else, and it’s really an addiction almost.”

Can you deal with a Saturday Night Live without Forte? Who will impersonate Zell Miller?!