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I met Joseph a couple of years ago, I went to one of his brother's shows and he was there. My friend is friend's with his brother, Dan, and she insisted that I went with her because even though she liked his shows - he spins fire - she hated the people that used to go to them. I immediately understood why as soon as we got there. Sooooo many hipsters, and pretentious wannabes that I thought spending 10 minutes there would be torture. Anyways, I spotted JGL minutes after we got there, my friend went to talk to Dan and I saw Joseph sitting on the back. I was a bit stoked 'cause I had no idea he would be there, and I think he's a pretty damn good actor.
But I played cool, obviously, didn't want to seem like a fan girl and my friend told me he was very low key and all that crap. Couple of minutes later she went to talk to him and I, of course, went along. She introduced me to him and he was pretty nice, but you could tell he was distracted, or maybe bored out of his mind, I dunno. Dan called my friend and I stood there with Joseph. Since I was there already, I figured I should start a conversation, so I did, and it kinda went well, but again, he seemed distracted, he barely looked at me while we were talking, he was just looking around.

At some point he mentioned he was pretty tired and was only there because of his brother, then I told him I was there because of my friend, but if I knew there would be so many hipsters not even my dying grandma could've convinced me to come. That seemed to catch his attention, since he laughed at what I said and looked at me smiling. His smile is so beautiful, like, honestly. Probably because he doesn't smile too often, and up until then, he hadn't really smiled once, so when he did, it was pretty sweet.

The show was about to start and my friend hadn't come back, so I said I was going to look for her. He asked me to stay and watch the performances with him and of course I did. The show was pretty cool, I kinda jumped a couple of times because it felt like the fire was coming straight at me, lol. He laughed every time I did that, and we talked quite a lot during the performances. In the end, Dan showed up telling Joseph he was going to get a few drinks with his friends, and asking him if he was going. He looked at me and asked me if I would join them, and I said why not.

We went to this cool, small place and spent the rest of the night talking. It was pretty awesome because there were about 10 people at the table, everyone was talking and interacting, and Joseph and I were kinda apart from everyone else, just talking to each other. It was fun, and his voice is surprisingly sexy. By the time everyone was going home and I was going to say goodbye to him, he kissed me. It was kinda awkward at first because I was not expecting it AT ALL. We had spent the whole night inches away from each other and it didn't look like he was going to kiss me anytime, so when he did, I was surprised. Past the awkwardness, it was amazing. He's a really good kisser, not a lot of tongue action, but it works. He started kissing my neck, and then he whispered in my ear, asking me if I wanted to get out of there.

I almost laughed because we were getting out of there, but of course he meant something else. I said yes and we went to my friend's house. I didn't want to go to his house because I wasn't sure yet of what I wanted to happen, I had never had a one night stand up until then, so I felt better going to my friend's house.

We got there, and as soon as I closed the door, he started kissing my neck again and pressing himself against me, and I knew right then that I had to fuck that dude, lol. I turned to face him and we started to kiss, then we headed to the couch and kept kissing. We spent about 20 minutes just making out, I felt like a teenager, lol. He started to move his hands down my skirt, and he sort of stopped the kissing and looked at me, and I thought he was sorta asking for 'a signal' that it was okay, so I just kissed him again. I got rid off my skirt pretty fast and he took off his shirt as well, then I lied on the couch and before he came on top of me, his took my underwear off. I was a bit nervous at that point because he was a stranger after all, but damn, he's so f*cking hot and the way he looked at me made me feel pretty hot too, lol.

He went down on me and it was really good. I didn't come because, like his kiss, there's not a lot of tongue action, but he knows how to work his tongue. He spent about 5 minutes licking me and doing his thing and even though it was good, I knew I wasn't going to come so I got up, made he lean on the couch and kneeled down to give him head. Never thought I'd say this, but his d*ck is really pretty, lol. It's normal sized as far as length goes, but on the smaller size if you're into girth - which I am. Anyways, I gave him head and it was really good, because he kept making faces that kinda drove me insane. I love when you can tell the guy is loving it, and he was.

He's not much of a talker, but he breathes pretty heavily and every now and then he whispers a few words - like the average 'f*ck' - with this low, whispery voice that is REALLY sexy. When he was about to come, he grabbed me and threw me back on the couch, then he got on top of me. He asked me if I had a condom and I almost yelled because I had to go to my friend's room to get it, so talk about ruining the moment. But I didn't want to f*ck without a condom either, so I had to go get it. I came back, he put the condom while I was sucking on his neck, and then he threw me back on the couch again and got inside me. We spent about 10 minutes f*cking, most of the time he looked right into my eyes and it was f*cking great. When he was about to come again, he sat on the couch and put me on top of him, which was great because I pretty much always only come if I'm on top. I rode him for like 5 minutes, and he kept sucking on my tits and my neck, so I came. I kept riding him so he could come too, and it didn't take long.

I was about to move away from him but then he held on to me pretty tightly and started kissing my neck again, and then my mouth. It was pretty sweet, kinda felt like having sex with a boyfriend. I got up, and put my underwear back on and sat on the couch. We spent a few minutes just looking at each other, talking about random things, and then he got up, put his underwear and lit up a cigarette. I went ahead and smoked with him, even though I don't normally smoke. We talked for a while after that, then he got dressed and said he had to go home. He didn't ask for my number and I didn't ask for his, he just said he hoped we got to see each other again. I said maybe, I might go to your brother's show again if you promise me there'll be less hipsters, and he laughed. We kissed goodbye and that was it.

I'd rate him 5 out of 5. He's not OMG, the most amazing f*ck ever, but he's so damn sexy that I'm sure he would've gotten me horny even if he didn't know where to stick in, lol. Plus, he's a really cool dude, great to hang out with. I haven't seen him since that night, but he's still the only guy I've ever had a one-night stand with.

lol @ THIS STORY....


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Excuse me for asking, but what the hell is going on over at the Premium Rush set in New York City? First Joseph Gordon Levitt rams himself into the back windshield of a taxi cab (he plays a bike messenger), slicing up his arm and nearly breaking several bones (watch video after the jump) -- and now some poor production assistant was headbutted by a random New Yorker for apparently inconveniencing the guy while he was walking to the store.

Granted, I can sort of understand the citizen's frustration. You're walking to the store, minding your own business, when some kid in his early twenties wearing an ear piece tells you to stop and wait because they're filming something. Usually these production assistants will come strapped with some attitude too (wouldn't you be pissed to be making peanuts to work 17 hours a day telling people when they can and can't cross the street?), and in New York City that attitude doesn't always fly. Case in point: The New York Post tells us that the 6-foot-4, 285-pound Breffny Flynn wasn't interested in waiting for who knows how long while Premium Rush was shooting on the Upper East Side, and instead decided to literally headbutt the PA who told him not to move, shouting "I live here! I pay taxes!"

Yup, dude headbutted the guy. I mean, who headbutts anyone anymore? That's insane! The PA was taken to the hospital and Flynn was arrested for assault (and later released with a desk-appearance ticket). Premium Rush stars Joseph Gordon-Levitt as a bike messenger who picks up a package from Columbia University and catches the attention of a dirty cop. David Koepp is directing while Michael Shannon, Dania Ramirez and Jamie Chung co-star.

Do you think the man had every right to be pissed, or should he have taken a chill pill and waited five minutes to cross the street?


Image and video hosting by TinyPicFilming for Joseph Gordon- Levitt movies 'Premium Rush causes disruption on UWS Image and video hosting by TinyPic

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A tired Margaret Boyd, 87, above and below, was told to get up from the bus shelter at 106th Street and Broadway and move away because of the filming.

Filming for "Premium Rush" proved to be a weekend-killing bust for residents of the upper West Side, who were blocked from crossing the street - or even waiting for a bus.

Margaret Boyd, 87, was on her way home from church when crew filming the action thriller told her she couldn't sit and wait at a Broadway bus stop.The woman, dressed in a crisp white suit, was forced to drag her shopping-bag filled cart to the sidewalk.
She nearly missed her downtown bus.

"I was a little tired and aggravated," she said. "But what are you going to do? That's life."
Boyd wasn't the only New Yorker irked by the Joseph Gordon-Levitt action thriller, which is shooting around the city through September.
The film crew stopped traffic and clogged the streets all weekend on Broadway, from 102nd St. to 106th St., annoying residents trying to enjoy the gorgeous weather.
On Saturday, Breffny Flynn got so irritated by the street closures he attacked a production assistantpolice said. Flynn was charged with assault and given a desk-appearance ticket, police sources said.

"I'm infuriated," said Eyla Ellis, 20, who lives on 108th St. "We can't even walk free."
Business owners said they were hurting badly, too. "People don't come in, they think the salon is closed," said Celeste Kaufman, owner of Celeste Beauty Shop on 106th St., where the crew's trucks are stationed.
"The city is making money. The film is making money. We are losing money," added Ali Abde, a 41-year-old employee at a hardware store on Broadway, near 106th St.
Jennifer Martin, who lives on 102nd St., said the crew bothered her while she was walking her dog.
"They don't give a crap about the neighborhood," said Martin, 38.

The city, in a statement from the Office of Film, Theatre and Broadcasting, cited the importance of the entertainment industry.
The film industry employs 100,000 New Yorkers and generates $5 billion toward New York City's economy each year, officials said.
Chris Cassase, 31, who works on 106th St., said the minor inconvenience when movies are filming is a fair tradeoff.

"It's great, it's part of the culture," he said.



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Lego wiz re-creates zero-gravity scenesImage and video hosting by TinyPic

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When Alex Eylar spotted a production still of Inception's tilted hallway scene a few months ago, he started picturing a Lego makeover. Then he watched the movie.

"I saw Inception twice in the second week of its release and built the hallway that same week," says Eylar, also known by his Flickr user name, Profound Whatever.

Eylar, an Oakland, California, college student who amassed an enormous Lego collection during childhood, became further inspired to take on Christopher Nolan's cerebral sci-fi film after spotting Iain Heath's rendition of the same Inception scene on his Ochre Jelly Flickr page.

Check the gallery for more Lego-ized Inception scenes by Eylar and Heath.


Tilted Hallway

"The tilted hallway was built in about three hours but only because the walls took for-freaking-ever," Eylar tells Wired.com in an e-mail. "Those walls use a technique the Lego community calls SNOT: "Studs not on top." It basically means you're building sideways, and those walls are just a mess of tiny pieces barely held together and propped up on its side. Thankfully, the whole thing held together well enough to be turned upside-down, which is how I got the shot."


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Flotation Device

"To suspend the figures, I made the Arthur figure hold onto a lamp with one hand and the second figure with the other hand," Eylar explains. "I shot it from an angle that hid those connections so it looks like they're in mid-air."

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Joseph Gordon-Levitt Homage

Critiquing his own work, Eylar says: "I've always thought that head was fairly expressionless, which made it very useful, but here it looks a bit too much like a smile. The suit works, though."

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Cobb and Arthur

There's a method to Eylar's Lego madness. Here's how he puts together a project:

"Everything I build begins in a Word document marked 'lego' on my desktop. That's where I write down ideas, techniques I could use, details I want to include, all in the shortest of shorthand. Once I've got enough fodder for a project, I just start building and hope it all comes to together the way I want. If, as in Inception projects, I'm copying something that already exists, the build is a breeze. If I haven't thought it out well enough, it fails miserably."

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Inception, Level 2

Iain Heath, aka Flickr user Jelly Ochre, used Photoshop to fill in the furnishings of this zero-gravity scene. He also offered a mini-review of Inception on his Flickr page: "It's like The Matrix, James Bond, Dreamscape and Minority Report all rolled into a big meaty ball and dipped in a syrupy Hans Zimmer soundtrack. The movie is absorbing and complex (and keeps you engaged to the very final frame)."

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Set-Up for Inception Level 2

Here's the bare-bones version of Heath's free-floating Lego room.



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"There is a fun dynamic between Eames and Arthur in the movie. Clearly, they have a rivalry that dates back before our story
begins, but they also have a grudging admiration, even if they’d never admit it. They are a pretty funny duo to watch as the heist unfolds."

- Emma Thomas [ Producer ]

So I heard this story from someone on here (won't name who) that he was caught making out with Zoe Kravitz last April, were him and his gf dating then? Someone over at imdb also said that they went to a premiere party and that he was making out with 2 chicks in a restroom. ONTD do you guys think he's a player? & this is sorta stupid and ridiculous but do you guys think he would be the type to cheat?

Also LOL his girlfriend thinks she is a
gypsy child caravan & she is passionate about saving the world one frosted babycakes cupcakes at a time.

p.s: His girlfriend reblogged a few of my pictures on tumblr  :)

Also can you really see him in the Riddler role? Love him but I'm suprised the rumour are floating around.You know what would have been awesome if Heath hadn't died and JGL + Heath reuinited in the 3rd Batman film. Idk he could of played his sidekick or something?

I have also noticed some really weird similarities between jgl and heath.

Heath was around the same age as JGL
  • They both can sing well
  • They look almost like twins (obviously)
  • Both in 10 things I hate about you (I honestly thought they would be revealed as brothers
  • They both have sort of the same charm in their performances
  • Both in Christopher Nolan movies
  • Theres plenty more I just can't remember iT