Five Reasons Behind The Failure Of Scott Pilgrim

The box office numbers are in and Scott Pilgrim vs. the World isn't just flop, it's one of the biggest bombs of the year. On the internet it's been nothing but hype for months, but that hype only translated into a dismal fifth place opening and a $10 million in earnings which only got harder to earn as the weekend went on. Scott Pilgrim made almost half of its total on opening night. Not exactly an encouraging figure if you're hoping it'll make more money with momentum built through word of mouth. When it comes to momentum, there is none. Barring some overseas miracle there's no way it'll ever make back it's $60 million budget theatrically, and if you're a fan of director Edgar Wright's work, you're either busy convincing yourself that box office doesn't matter (it does, he'll have a harder time getting the money he needs for his next project now) or you're sitting around wondering just where it all went wrong. I have answers.

Over the next few days you're going to hear a lot of excuses. Some will claim that it wasn't in enough theaters since it opened on 400 fewer screens than The Expendables. People are going to blame the movie's marketing. Some are already blaming those numerous free screenings held in advance of the movie's release. None of this explains where this movie went wrong, none of this explains why audiences simply weren't interested. Here are five things which do:

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for the record, i saw it and loved it. it was really a great movie. oh, and don't worry if you want more original, creative films like this. the expendables 2 is already in the works. i hope you're happy with yourselves, america