Tom Green Goes to the Gathering of the Juggalos: Lulz Ensue

Tom Green goes to the Gathering of the Juggalos where he is set to perform for some reason, and he interviews a bunch of Juggalos. The results are hilarious:

-Tila Tequila is such an attention whore that she needs two cameras filming her at once.
-There's been a stabbing (what a surprise!) and they won't let Tom and his crew in.
-They finally let Tom in and there's a HUGE bonfire with a bunch of Juggalos around it. Extremely scary scene.
-Tom interviews a bunch of Juggalos and a shirtless guy named Matt he's kinda cute, ngl, who is clearly high on something. WOMP WOMP!
-Tom interviews yet another seemingly high person, who he is dressed like a pimp/pirate, "I GOT SOME ALCOHOL FOR YOU, MOTHERFUCKER! HELLS YEAH! WOMP WOMP!"
-Tom interviews a man who says that his cousin, Mama Gypsy, won't bring Space cakes (pot cakes) this year because she's in prison. Sounds like a lovely lady.
-Is "womp womp" their mating call?
-Tom Performs.
-Tom interviews a horned guy named "Satan"
-And finally, Tom interviews Gallagher, who is not dead yet apparently.