She had hair so long that it looked like weave....

10 Best Celebrity Weaves

While walking down Madison Avenue in Manhattan we noticed a sad trend. There are a lot of women with lethal looking weaves! There’s nothing wrong with adding a little length to your head, but when not blended or the wrong shade or the wrong texture it’s liable to hurt a lot of feelings and possibly combs.

We dedicate this list to all the Madames attempting to fool the masses with a fabulous sew-in. The following women are the best examples of seamless weaves:

KeKe Palmer
America’s newest teen sweetheart goes between wearing her actual hair and a lengthy weave. The extra length not only gives her a more carefree look, but also makes her look more mature.

Lauren London
The half black, half Jewish-American actress not only blends into her characters on the screen but her weaves look like the real deal. The mother of one doesn’t fool around when it comes to her sew-ins. Like she said in the movie “Good Hair,” “do not touch my weave!”

Raven Symone
Ms. Symone is serious about her weaves. She’s made it known that she’s willing to pay hundreds, if not thousands to get her hair right. We respect your mojo, Madame.

Vanessa Hudgens
This California girl is no stranger to a good weave. She’s rocked extensions for several movies and continues to keep them in when she’s not working.

Halle Berry
Ms. Berry almost had us fooled when she was on screen with the sexy Michael Ealy in “Their Eyes Were Watching God” wearing long curls. We had been so used to her short pixie cuts that the long hair took a while to grow on us, but it eventually did. While Berry definitely carries herself well with short hair, the longer look was a refreshing change.

Lauren Conrad
“The Hills” star has no shame in her game, constantly switching up between her natural hair and a more wispy-looking weave. She’s definitely proven there are many creative looks you can have with length. Whether braids, curls, high-ponytails or just slicked straight, her ever-changing locks could have a show of their own.

Jessica Simpson
Not only does Jessica wear weaves, but she owns her own line of them! She realized how much hair can change a woman’s look and capitalized on that concept with help from her good friend/hair stylist. We love how much fun she has with hair, knowing that it’s only an accent for the natural beauty of the person beneath the tresses.

Nia Long
Nia had short hair for a good while before adding pieces. Although she is super sophisticated with the short cut, length might be easy for her to deal with day-to-day. After all, anyone with short hair will tell you– it takes a lot more work to style than long hair.

Gabrielle Wreck-A-Union
The gorgeous actress interchanges between long and short hair. While short hair gives her a more mature look, some hair length with a little color warms up her pretty face.

Sanaa Lathan
Although her character “Kenya” took her extensions out in the movie “Something New” Lathan works her weave all the time. She usually wears her hair long with a soft curl.

Alright, let's talk about weaves. Do you wear one currently? Have you in the past? Do you think it's "cheating"? Do you let your man put his hands in your weave while you're sexin'?