'America's Next Top Model': Meet Ann, 6'2 and roughly 98 pounds

Meet "America's Next Top Model" contestant Ann -- she's 6'2 and appears to weigh about 98 lbs (if you count her chunky jewelry). No seriously, she has like an 18-inch waist. Tyra is going to have quite the love-hate relationship with this one.

Ann is probably just what they're looking for this season -- an impossibly thin, freaky-looking girl who will take amazing pictures. Perfect for Italian Vogue, which is the prize for this cycle's winner.

We hope they do a safari-themed shoot and make Ann a giraffe -- and we say this as a tall woman, so nothin' but love for you, Ann! "America's Next Top Model" premieres on Wednesday, Sept. 8 at 8 p.m. ET.