Lauren Conrad is ugly

I mean, those glasses? That ponytail?

..but seriously, this sequence of pics reminds me of that comedy where Chris Evans and his sister show up to the “ugly” girl’s house to do a makeover. They take off her glasses and let down her ponytail—and that’s it. She’s a knockout. Then she falls through the stairs.

Hiking with Frankie Delgado in LA 07-28-10

Hosting at Tao Beach in Vegas Saturday 07-31-10. She opted to wear a cover-up over her bikini.

I like that she didn't wear high heels with her beach clothes like her tackier Hills costars.

Arriving at JFK airport in NYC Sunday 08-01-10

Lauren's fugly ass will be launching a new higher price line.

Lauren Conrad debuted her first signature line back in 2007 and most recently teamed up with Kohl’s on the successful LC by Lauren Conrad Collection, and now she’s taken her design repertoire to the next level—announcing plans to debut a contemporary fashion line with her best friends. But don’t expect the new line to have the same look—or pricing—as her Kohl’s collection. Conrad told the women’s line will have “more specialty basics, [it will be] more of a boutique line. It will be at a higher price point.” The collection is still in the beginning stages, but we’re sure Conrad’s hard work (and stylish eye) will pay off: “There is a little more thrill is doing it on your own. It’s a lot more work, it’s a lot more stressful, but it’s something I love doing.”

HAHA The "Makeover".

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