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Kristin Chenoweth Talks More Glee, Christian Beliefs & Loving the Gays

Kristin Chenoweth talks loving the gays
, returning to Glee for season two and the negative connotation associated with being "a Christian"...

You’ve been very open about your strong religious beliefs and identifying as a Christian while simultaneously advocating for gay rights. Does the negative connotation associated with Christianity upset you?

Oh, I hate it!! I hate it, because being a Christian to me is such an awesome thing. And I hate that there have been those before me who have turned it into an ugly word. Of course it can sometimes be connected with very conservative, right wing, intolerant people, and that’s not the way Jesus was. So, that bums me out that Christianity is linked to such a negative feeling, because I honestly think if Jesus were alive today he probably wouldn’t be in churches. He’d be with the sick and the poor and the people who are outcasts and people who feel unloved and the people who are told that they are not “OK.” If I had to read in the Bible that “it’s a sin to be 4’11″ – what would I do?  Ya know, I think you are who you are and I don’t think God makes mistakes.  I’m hoping that there are a lot more Christians out there who believe like I do and won’t be afraid to say so.

What do you attribute your liberal stance on Christianity to? Was it the specific church you belonged to as a child or your parents’ influence?

I think it came from my parents. They always taught me never to judge anybody, that was my job, and to accept and love people for who they are. I also think it was something I was born with. I know that sounds kind of weird, but I’m not exactly the norm. If you look at me: I have a funny speaking voice, I’m tiny… I’m not exactly what you superficially call a “normal person.” I’m in show-business and you get rejected on a daily basis – no matter who you are or what level you’re at in your career. I just wish that the word “Christianity” would start to change in the minds and hearts of America, even if you don’t believe in it — if you could just respect it.  Even if you don’t believe in God or believe in a higher purpose. My Grandma was a great Christian lady and she always used to say, “you read the Bible like you eat the fish – you take the meat that serves you well, but you don’t choke on the bones.”