Richard Speight Jr. And Pepsi Max Take On Coca-Cola

The new Pepsi guy is Richard Speight, Jr. - Supernatural’s “Trickster,” Jericho’s “Bill” and Band Of Brothers’ “Skip” among other roles. Perhaps my old eyes are playing tricks on me.

In a multimedia marketing campaign that launches today, Pepsi MAX boldly invites American consumers to taste for themselves that when it comes to maximum taste and zero calories, Pepsi MAX conquers the competition. That’s the message in a remake of the iconic “Diner” commercial that aired during Super Bowl XXIX, where two soda delivery truck drivers go head-to-head over a can of the best tasting cola on the market. In the 2010 version, the truckers are back; and they both want the zero calories and maximum taste that only Pepsi MAX can deliver.