JWoww Does Maxim... Minus Her Bellybutton.

JWoWW aka Jenni Farley is gracing Maxim Magazine, she sexed it up for the shoot in a variety of bikinis by the pool.


Which boasts a better grade of guidos, Long Island or the Jersey Shore? The Long Island ones are good friends of mine and they’re more extreme in their guido-ness than Jersey ones. Sorry, Jersey!

What’s the first thing you notice about a guy? If he looks fresh. If he wears a white shirt, it should be crisp. Everything should be crisp, new, pressed, and not all wrinkled and worn.

What’s the best beach in the U.S.? South Beach. Hot people, great parties, beautiful water.

Who has the best abs on the show? Gotta give it to Mikey, the Sitch. He’s known for them.

Best beach drink? Miami Vice. You mix a strawberry daiquiri and a piña colada together. The fresher the ingredients, the better.

What’s your favorite bikini style? Ruche. It’s a lacy style of stitching. The ruche goes into the butt crack, so it gives you a bigger-looking ass. Hot!

Who’s your girl crush? Megan Fox gives me a tingle. I like her ’cause she knows she’s hot and she’s a bitch about it. I’d totally make out with her.

Summer sex: hot or too sticky? Hot and sweaty is the greatest with the right person. But if it’s the wrong person, ugggh, it’s disgusting. It’s like, OK, not working. Get away from me and shut the door behind you.

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