New TLC Show: Strange Sex To Showcase Some Freaky Fetishes

TLC, the cable channel of choice for people who love cakes, dwarves, and giant families, is the last place on television where you might hear people talking about simple, effective, missionary sex. Oh no. With TLC, you KNOW things are gonna get freaky. Enter TLC’s new show, “Strange Sex.”

The focus of the show will be bizarre conditions, such as the fictional sex addiction, fetishes and kinky sexual behavior. The premiere will feature a 73-year-old cougar, who hooks up with a guy in his 30s.

Other topics during the series will be someone with a balloon fetish (whatever that is) and a woman who strives to have an orgasm during childbirth. [Sun-Sentinel]

Things I just looked up on Google Image Search: “balloon fetish,” “sexy old lady,” and “childbirth.” Ugh, I kind of want to burn my computer now. I wasn’t expecting to see so many pictures of your mom.

OK, I'm gonna ask it. ONTD what kind of sexual fetishes do you have? (On second thought maybe that's not such a good idea.....)

ETA: I truly did not expect this to be as epic as it is. Y'all made my night and I'm glad everyone is having a good time with this post.

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