Chris Hardwick On Craig Ferguson

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Craig Ferguson recently had Chris Hardwick on his show. Chris is from "Web Soup" and the host of the Nerdist Podcast. He also used to be the host of Mtv's "Singled Out". Above is the video and below are the highlights of the nine minute nerd-fest.

- Chris Hardwick and Craig geek out over Harry Potter, Doctor Who, and MythBusters
- Chris tells some Harry Potter / Yo-Mamma jokes
- Chris is a David Tennant fan whereas Craig is a Tom Baker fan
- Chris and Craig like Matt Smith and his big, Easter Island head
- Chris reveals he is going to moderate a panel for MythBusters at Comic-Con
- Craig tells Chris that Stan Lee has invited him to Comic-Con.....and he might go
- Not in the interview but you can follow Chris on Twitter!:
- And you can also listen to the Craig Ferguson / Nerdist podcast here