Weeds Season 6 promo featuring the love of my life

Weeds Season 6 Promo‎

Actress Mary-Louise Parker stars in a sexy if not criminal new promotional video to tease addicts of her Showtime series Weeds into a frenzy for its upcoming 6th season. New episodes will air Mondays 10 PM ET/PT, starting August 16th. To get more of a fix, you can also feast your eyes on the season 6 poster art.

Nancy Botwin, Parker’s Weeds character, is a widow, a mother, and a drug dealer. The edgy program has been nominated for 19 Emmy Awards and 10 Golden Globes. Believe it or not, Linda Hamilton (Terminator 2) will join the new season of Weeds. You can thank EW.com for that scoop!


Unffff her legs, I want to die and be reborn as her pantyhose
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