La Brandiva a.k.a Brandon Flowers discusses solo album for the first time with NME

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Brandon Flowers (singer of The Killers) talked to NME about his new solo album "Flamingo," due Autumn 2010, for the first time ever:

- The band wanted a break from his annoying ass, he wanted to keep going, so this is what came of it: "To be honest, I personally would prefer it if this was a Killers record. Some of these songs were originally destined to be Killers songs, but it is what it is. I certainly never sat around dreaming of going out on my own, but singing songs and writing songs, it's kind of what I do, you know? And I just don't want to stop right now."

- He believes his solo album will improve The Killers, who he thinks are basically shitty: "I see this as something that will only make The Killers stronger... I feel like I'm getting something out of my system with this album, but I want the next Killers album to be a wonderful collaboration between four guys who are ready to make the best record that they possibly can."

Song titles:
-"Hard Enough" (nice)
-"Welcome to Fabulous Las Vegas" (wow, why am I not surprised)

Album producers- "It's a pretty good line-up, I think. Stuart and Daniel have been working together, and I've done another three tracks with Brendan on his own."

-Stuart Price (BFlo's butt body, "I blame Stuart Price", producer of Day & Age, Madonna albums)
-Daniel Lanois (Bob Dylan, U2, Brian Eno)
-Brendan O'Brien (Neil Young, Bruce Springsteen, Rage Against the Machine) (I spy the Bravery on his resumé... scandalous)

BEST THING EVER: Collaboration with Rilo Kiley's HBIC Jenny Lewis!
"Jenny's helped me out on a couple of songs, and we also got to duet on a song called 'Hard Enough,' which turned out great. She's always popped into my mind whenever I think about getting a female vocalist involved because she's a fellow child of Las Vegas, too. (oh my god Brandon...) A lot of people don't realize that, but she was actually born there, in the same hospital as Ronnie Vannucci Jr, only a few weeks apart!"

Will he tour? Well he's a desperate attention whoring workaholic so... "Oh, hell yeah! I mean, obviously, we need to make sure that people want to hear it first. But we'll definitely be coming to the UK. And I'm up for doing the festival circuit if they want me!" (1. who is "we"? 2. lol better get ready for a million shouts of "sing Mr. Brightside!")

Best quote:
"I really can't blame the other guys, but I've just got this fire in my bosom that's still burning. I'm ready to go!"

I love this psycho. And if Conor joins in on this collaboration all will be fine with the world---

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