Update On The Michael Lohan Tweet Scandal

A couple of weeks back, a post was accepted on ONTD that contained photoshopped screen caps of Michael Lohan's Twitter stream, which falsely claimed that Lindsay Lohan was HIV positive. When we discovered it was a fake, we deleted it immediately. Of course, this didn't stop other gossip sites and even some legit news blogs from picking up the story.

First off, we want to apologize sincerely for all the pain and discomfort this story caused the Lohan family.

We're pretty appalled to learn that NONE of the other gossip or news sites that posted the story bothered to check for accuracy and have yet to post a retraction or apology for spreading such a vicious rumor.

Needless to say, the fierceness of ONTD comes from you. We're a community that celebrates user-generated hype (yeah…you guys control the content) on a topic near and dear to our collective hearts: celebrity gossip. Keyword: Gossip. It was not anyone's intention to approve a post that was entirely fabricated, let alone have it spread like wildfire. Claiming that someone is infected with HIV is a very serious matter, and not something to be taken lightly or used as fodder for snark. Suffice it to say that we at ONTD do NOT approve of this message.

Much love to the Lohans, from your friends at ONTD