Avril Lavigne in Kelly Clarkson-esque Drama...

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As Avril Lavigne's new single is nowhere to be seen, we get more and more rumours as to why the single is not being released. We now have an inside source claiming that RCA are hesitant to release the record without more radio-friendly songs tracklisted on the anticipated 4th album. The comment states; "RCA Records offered 20 million dollars to Lavigne to change 2 songs on the album with others that the label executives thought were more radio friendly. The singer refused."

We're not sure how much truth there is to the comment, but it certainly explains why the single is no where to be seen. The inside source also reveals that the single will be delayed until late May due to complications in regards to agreement between Avril and the label about the record, of which Avril wrote half of on her own and produced 3 songs on. Although we're kind of worried for Avril due to the source stating that Avril is in danger of being dropped, we're extremely proud of Avril for standing up for herself and being true to her music!