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Jersey Shore Cast in South Beach
jsrocks wrote in ohnotheydidnt
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Pauly D
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Stranger Bitch
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The Stinch, or The Sitch... The Situation
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DNW stranger bitch on the show

I was at a CK party during NY fashion week and she showed up and walked in like she was invited... and then her and her friends were ejected. She pulled the, "Don't you know who I am???" card and I laughed because I was legit the only person who knew who she was.

She'll probably be loud and annoying like she was before and start drama that normally wouldn't be there.

That dummy Angelina should not be allowed to make money off of this show! She made her bed, she should lay in it.

not that i like her but she was fired for not going to work. and then no one else went to work. the job aspect didn't ever pan out.

Do we know if the new season is gonna be in NJ again or not? Cuz if not, that's just st00pid.

No. I am happy yet sad at the same time.

I like Paulie D the best
I would take him home to my mom

I can't believe Stranger Bitch gets to be on season two!

Seriously. Fuck that bitch.

Wait, who is stranger bitch? Is that the girl who left or whatever in the first couple of episodes?

angelina, staten island, whaaaaaaaaa

wtf happened to jwows face?

The sexiest of the unsexiest

omg i cant believe stranger bitch is back
and lol omg i love snooki

im interested to see how this new season will play out now that they're famous and well known. I doubt they'll be able to party or go out without being gawked at or stopped for pictures.

It's like The Hills. They just go on with the show pretending that they aren't ridiculously famous and cut out clips of paparazzi and fans.

plus they have all this money now. and they're in south beach? come on. part of the fun of the first season was the skeeziness of everything. we were slumming with them.
also, the women in south beach are not the same dumpy, unattractive women of seaside who would sleep with that potato nosed situation for a chance to be on tv. he probably won't get any ass. idk, whatever, i'll still totally watch.

(Deleted comment)
Just a nickname for Ronnie. It's ironic because he barely hooked up with anyone the whole show, and when he did, it was his boss's girl.

His name is Vinny.
He's like the most normal of them all.

I've never watched a single episode of Jersey Shore. I don't know whether I should be proud of myself for staying away or sad 'cause I'm missing out.

Don't believe the hype. Stay away from it.

You're honestly NOT missing out, but this shit is SO BAD it has lulz and second hand embarrassment everywhere. I didn't finish to watch the season though

Edited at 2010-04-06 07:54 am (UTC)

I watched it for the first time 2 weeks ago, that shit is so fucking boring.

the first couple are, then you settle into being ok with watching these idiots be idiots.

Honestly i REALLY tried, but no i just can't lol! It reminded me of a dumb down version of The Real World, which is saying A LOT! At the riped old age of 25 i can say that i'm officially over (MTV) "reality" tv stuff lol! I like My Life though ngl.

They're going to try hard and fail. Oh these cockroaches, they were amusing.

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