'Precious' Scribe Fletcher To Helm Black Comedy 'Violet And Daisy,' With Ronan & Mulligan

Oscar-winning "Precious" scribe Geoffrey Fletcher is set to make his directorial debut this summer with the black-comedy "Violet And Daisy" which has the exciting pair of Saoirse Ronan and Carey Mulligan already attached to lead.

The script by Fletcher is being described as "Thelma and Louise” meets “Superbad” and “Pulp Fiction” with "plenty of action and lots of girl power."

While neither lead actress seemingly embody the action or comedy genre having carved a niche in more dramatic roles, their talent is unquestionable and should make for a seamless transition. After all, Mulligan's exploits in Lone Scherfig's "An Education" provided many a laugh while Ronan is currently top-lining Joe Wright's teenage assassin tale, "Hanna," alongside Eric Bana and Cate Blanchett. Both European thesps have already earned Oscar nominations in their short careers — for "Atonement" and "An Education" respectively — and this team-up with Fletcher makes for an exciting collaboration.

Though "Precious" was Fletcher's single foray into cinema and we're admittedly slightly worried by the heavy-handedness of that particular film seeping over; however, the blame probably lies with hamfisted director Lee Daniels than anything Fletcher put down on the page. The soon-to-be feature film director is also collaborating with Doug Liman on prison riot story, "Attica" but it looks like "Violet And Daisy" may go before the cameras first.