Hey there, ONTD!

Today, I have some exciting news to announce on this glorious FFAF (this time, for real)! 

I've been watching ONTD grow over the years from a small, lively community of users who love to trash celebs into a LiveJournal powerhouse that has become one of the biggest, if not THE biggest, celebrity gossip community on the Internet. Now, with everyone's help, I'm hoping we can take ONTD to the next level.

From the beginning, LJ has provided an amazing platform where users could post and comment to their celeb-bashing hearts' content. We've broken our own community--and LJ--too many times to count. We were the first community to exceed comment limitations. We've reached every cap LJ has had in place, and then we've busted it. Apparently, ONTD has grown like crazy and now runs at like 90-100% capacity on its own cluster which is why the site has been slow lately. Needless to say, LJ has been more than good to us over the years given all the shit we've put them through.

That's why I'm super thrilled to announce that LJ has decided to ramp up its support to help ONTD grow even more. I recently joined the LJ team as the Editor of ONTD and I'm committed to staying true to the spirit of ONTD, keeping the community alive, and bringing new and exciting features to keep the conversation going when Justin Bieber finally admits he's a lesbian. We're going to get exclusive members-only purple userheads, we'll eventually have a dedicated server so we'll see less and less of those annoying database errors, plus some awesome widgets that will highlight your posts and comments on ONTD and the LiveJournal homepage. We're even trying to finally land our own domain. 

So, yeah, all this costs cash. If you're a basic or plus user, you will see a couple of ads here and there to cover the rent. Paid and permanent users will never see ads. Period. I have lots of great ideas, but I'm always looking to hear more. Here are a few: I'm thinking about holding celebrity photo caption contests, polls, daily questions and discussion posts, and we're working on developing an iPhone app.

We all know ONTD's power and influence. For the longest time, we've been posting from sources all over the Internet. With everyone's help, I think we can flip that on its head and become THE source for all things celebrity-gossip. 1, 2, ONTD'S COMIN' FOR YOU.


(BTW: Thanks to thatsaid again for the awesome new layout!  Keep an eye out for new stuff on the main page in the coming weeks!)