Did Ricky Martin come out because he was about to be outed??

Scandal! According to La Botana the only reason Ricky Martin left his comfort closet is because he had no other choice; either he did it on his own, or the paparazzi were gonna do it for him.

The blog claims that a group of paparazzi got a hold of certain images that finally proved Ricky Martin to be a homosexual. These oh-so-despised photographers offered the images to a major publication who in turn contacted Ricky's people and explained the situation.

If everything is to be believed, Ricky decided to out himself instead of letting strangers bank off his private life. That and he's been out of the spotlight for a while, so this probably seemed like a good comeback chisme. And it is!

What do you think? Is this a 'Padre Alberto' gone right? Or is La Botana completely full of shit?


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