Megan Fox is a SMILF

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Megan Fox: a Disciplinarian Step-Mom?

Megan Fox is trying to be the best stepmom-to-be for her fiancé Brian Green’s son Kassius from actress Vanessa Marcil and even feels guilty every time she has to leave the kid for shooting her films.

According to, Megan Fox says, “Sometimes I get sad because I'm out of town a lot. Brian works, but he's always in town but I have to travel a lot and sometimes that's hard because it'll be weeks and weeks without seeing Cash (Kassius), and that's sad. Luckily, he's used to it, because both of his parents are in the business. And it's not so hard on him, but I feel guilty a lot."

The Transformers actress says she’s the disciplinarian at home because Brian feels bad about punishing his son. Fox added, “I was raised in the South and my mom was a strict disciplinarian. It's really easy for me to lay out the rules and make sure that the rules are followed constantly, but I think because he's from a home with divorced parents, it's hard for Brian to punish him. He feels bad that Cash has to always go through the transition in switching homes."