Angels And Airwaves

Tom Delonge journal update, I remember in the last post about them, there was some confusion over people who had thought to have heard AVA's music, and other people asking where they could download it, but apparently they were wrong!

"so here is some news for you....First of all, anybody claiming they heard demos are full of shit. They are hearing old shitty recordings of blink, the music does not sound like blink or box car, so the speculation should end there. Second, the song to be released on December 13 is finished, but the label is too excited to release just a song, so at the last minute it got changed. Lets see, third, it isn't some depressing emo project, it is music that is described as.....well, the best stuff I have ever done.....too vague?....well, I promise my fans will like this the most out of everything I have been a part of, I promise it will give you a feeling of liberation, excitement, goose bumps.....and to help you understand come to on December 13th.......starting January 1st, the album will be finished, and the will begin to spin just a little bit faster..."

First official picture of the band:

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It includes the first picture of the band as a whole and reveals that the album will be 75 minutes long, each song 6 minutes long.

An album full of 6 minute songs..great, that won't be boring and dragged out at all..

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