Meet Valerie Fairman from 16 and Pregnant Season 2 Episode 3
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Episode 3 of the new season of 16 and Pregnant is perhaps the most anticipated thanks to the viral trailer that came out a few weeks ago featuring Valerie Fairman of Oxford, Pennsylvania talking to her boyfriend Matt on the phone, emphatically declaring, “It’s your baby Matt, just like get it through your head – we had sex A LOT!”

The five-second clip is so popular it even has its own Facebook fan page that is on the verge of cracking 80,000 fans at the time of this post! Here’s a preview clip from episode three that includes the entire conversation:

The episode looks to be yet another baby daddy drama train wreck as Matt tries to deny he is the father of the child. From TV Guide: “An adopted teen wants to give her baby the family she never had, but there are challenges, including a perilous labor and a boyfriend who denies he’s the father.” And judging from the preview clip that aired after episode 2, it appears as though there are some complications after the birth of Valerie’s son.
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There isn’t very much information available on Valerie Fairman aside from the fact that she attended Oxford Area High School in Oxford, Pennsylvania and that she is adopted. I’m sure more will be revealed when MTV releases the preview trailer after Nikki Paulun’s episode Tuesday, February 23 – I’ll update this post soon after.

Unlike Jenelle, Nikki, and Ashley Salazar, Valerie doesn’t seem to be much for social networking online. She has a Facebook page at and then there is the “It’s your baby, Matt. Just like get it through your head. We had sex A LOT.” Facebook page, of which Valerie is a fan Bless her heart. At least she has a sense of humor :)

Here are some stills of Valerie from the two trailers, including a still of her boyfriend Matt on the other end of the line setting up Valerie’s infamous quote with “I might even have to get a DNA test:”

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Lulzy qoute aside, this episode looks depressing as fuck :/
And if that's supposed to be a boy, then why is he wearing pink in two different scenes (Oh fuck, now I'm going to get my ass handed to me by the gender roles police)
And Valerie is really pretty. Don't know what her personality is like though.