Jeremy Renner Wants to Play Kurt Cobain

Hurt Locker star Jeremy Renner is in serious contention for the Best Actor award at the Oscars next weekend, but he's already thinking about other projects. The much-buzzed-about actor says he's always wanted to work on a musical project, and he has a certain iconic Seattle singer in mind.

"I've always wanted to do some sort of musical. That's a dream for me. Maybe play Kurt Cobain," Renner, who plays both piano and guitar, told People magazine.

To make things more interesting, The Messenger director Oren Moverman is said to be in talks to work on a Cobain biopic based on the 2001 book Heavier Than Heaven: A Biography of Kurt Cobain. David Benioff, who wrote the Wolverine movie and Brothers, was originally attached to direct.

With Moverman and Renner both nominated for Oscars, it would certainly boost the chance for the Cobain project to get off the ground if they were attached. Of course there's bound to be some discussion about the fact that at 39, Renner is already 12 years older than Cobain was when he died -- and he's not getting any younger. But in the end, casting Kurt Cobain probably won't be half as interesting (and by interesting I mean controversial) as casting Courtney Love.