'Nip/Tuck' Beauty Kelly Carlson Talks Favorite Memories, What's Next For Her & More

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Cast chemistry is crucial in television, and the stars of the FX drama Nip/Tuck have gotten it right since day one. Actors Kelly Carlson, Julian McMahon, and Dylan Walsh will be saying farewell to the characters they have played to perfection over the past seven seasons this March. Dr. Christian Troy will no longer be showcasing his playboy swagger on your television screens each week, and Dr. Sean McNamara will drink his final glass of scotch, as it's last call for Nip/Tuck nation.

The beautiful Kelly Carlson has played the role of prominent porn-star turned interior decorator Kimber Henry perfectly for the past seven years on the groundbreaking drama Nip/Tuck. Carlson discussed her favorite moments from the show, how she stays in great shape, and what's next for her in an interview for Starpulse.

Brian McKeon: Nip/Tuck is about to wrap up after an extremely impressive hundred episode run. Why do you think the show has been so successful over the past seven years?

Kelly Carlson:
I think when Nip/Tuck came out it was a fresh new idea, and I think that it was culturally current for us being that it was about plastic surgery. I think that it was kind of in the beginning of the wave of plastic surgery when it wasn't quite in the norm as much as it is now so it was intriguing. At the same time, because it was kind of a cliché idea, it was a very intellectual show, it was very clever, it was well written, and it was shocking (laughs), straight up shocking.

Everyone knows about Kimber and Christian's love/hate relationship on the show, but how's the cast off-screen? Are you a close group?

We're definitely friends, that's for sure, but everyone kind of lives far away. Julian's in Australia, Joely (Richardson)'s in England, I'm in Canada a lot, so we're all kind of spread out. We all had a great working relationship, and Julian and I are friends but it's not like we see each other a lot. I think we all hung out a lot more in the beginning of the series.

On Wednesday's (2-17-10) episode during a dream sequence with Julian McMahon on the beach you looked absolutely stunning. How do you stay in such great shape?

Thanks! Well, lifestyle. I take really good care of myself. I work out a lot and I eat very well. You know what it is? I'm just very disciplined. I don't drink alcohol and I don't smoke. I'm just disciplined, that's all.

Nip/Tuck is one of the most controversial and exciting shows in history. What's been your favorite moment or episode over the past seven years?

One of my favorite ones to watch, and I didn't have any dialogue in it, was when Kimber had her little cocaine binge in the bathroom in season two (laughs). I liked the music and stuff like that and it was fun to do. There's so many it's so hard to pick. You know, Julian and I always had a fun time working together, since we were always doing something ridiculous. We didn't really have a boring day at work ever.

A huge benefit to fans is the fact that the complete series is going to be released on iTunes in HD (Nip/Tuck Complete Series on iTunes). Do you ever watch the earlier episodes and look back on how the show's evolved over the past seven years?

Yeah, I love to see how much younger I looked (laughs). No I'm joking, yes I do.

You certainly have a huge following of fans around the country. What's next for you?

Well, I'm working on it right now. It's pilot season and I haven't gone out on pilot season in years, so I've been reading a bunch of scripts, looking at new shows, and it's really interesting just how different Nip/Tuck is from a lot of shows. I want to find a good fit, a good character. I'm going to try and go in a different direction so I'm in the middle of making those decisions right now.

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A much more important type of plastic surgery than the type done by McNamara/Troy is the amazing work done by the Smile Network, which provides surgeries for children with birth defects who would not be able to be treated without the help. You're on the Advisory Board of that organization. Is that a really rewarding experience?

Absolutely. I do a lot of different kinds of charity work and that is one of them which is kind of ironic. One of the reasons why I decided to work with them is because it is plastic surgery, and the irony of me being on Nip/Tuck. It's just providing any sort of service I can for them or bringing their organization to the light more and the awareness. I'm going on a mission which is great to Peru or one of their locations.

Loved and feared by both males and females alike, Kelly Carlson's character Kimber Henry was able to roll sexy, mischief, and insecurity all into one. With Nip/Tuck ending in a few shorts weeks, fans will be patiently waiting for Kelly Carlson's next move. But not to worry, fans can hold Kimber Henry and the rest of the crew close to their hearts forever, as the complete Nip/Tuck series is available on iTunes. You can relive everything from Kimber's cocaine binge to Matt McNamara's venture into the world of transsexuals here: Nip/Tuck Complete Series on iTunes.