Lil Wayne quits the sizzurp, stays "addicted" to weed

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Rapper Lil Wayne has given up his thirst for promethazine-codeine syrup ahead of his upcoming 12-month jail stint, but insists he'll always be hooked on marijuana.

The hip-hop star has long been associated with the cough syrup-type drink he once dubbed 'drank' - but he claims he no longer uses the liquid to get high.

He tells Rolling Stone magazine, "I haven't f**ked with that in a long time," insisting he quit in May 2009.

But there's one high he'll never give up: "I smoke weed all day. I'm a very successful addict. And a smart one. And a very charismatic one."

The Lollipop hitmaker is set to begin his jail sentence on weapons charges next week.