Hold the phone- Brittany Murphy would not approve.

Chris Cornell + Craigslist yank wedding video with Brittany Murphy

Rocker CHRIS CORNELL is reportedly fuming after video footage showing tragic actress BRITTANY MURPHY partying at his wedding surfaced online.

Clips from the Soundgarden star's 2004 nuptials to his wife Vicky, whose maid of honour was the late Clueless star, were said to have been put up for sale on a website.

Cornell, who alleges the video was stolen, has threatened to sue the online ad site and even asked its owners to hand over the details of the person selling the tape, according to the New York Post.

A source tells the newspaper, "The video features behind-the-scenes wedding moments, many of Brittany Murphy."
The ad has since been removed.

Murphy died after suffering a cardiac arrest early last month.


A bit more from the New York Post:


Well-done Mr. Cornell, well-done.

Also, we need a Brittany Murphy tag, y/y? Forget the tag- geez! :) I just like organizing stuff, and it being easy to tell if an article has been posted.  So back to Chris Cornell being awesome for yanking the video...

ETA: So why a tag? Because Brittany has 4 movies that have yet to come out, possibly an album, plus toxicology results and official cause of death to be determined.  Lots of posts.  And if 'N Synch, Al Roker, Haylie Duff, Xzibit and Star Jones all merit having tags, why not Brittany?