Now this IS the look..

Kim Kardashian needs to walk around like this on a full-time basis. This is definitely a bitch I could go to T.G.I. Fridays with after work and guzzle on Electric Lemonades while freaking on our bar stools to Starpoint. And on the ride home, I'd promise to be polite and barf in the seat pocket in the back of her '87 Nissan Sentra (in metallic baby blue). That's what the back pocket is for.

Kim dropped the low-budget skankness and brought the beauty for an episode of E!'s Secret Celebrity. Kim wrote on her blog that the result of her 3-hour makeover was "kind of scary." Um. No. The regular Kim is really scary. This trick right here is all sorts of glamorous.

And for some strange reason, Kim also decided to post a never-before-seen still from her sex tape:

source (where else?)

Anyone else getting Mel B vibes from that pic? No?