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Betty White to guest star on 30 Rock

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The “30 Rock” guest star list about to get a little more “Golden.”

“We’re shooting a bit tomorrow with Betty White, so that’s good!” series creator and star Tina Fey told Access Hollywood’s Nancy O’Dell after winning the Emmy for best comedy series.

“What is she going to be playing?” Nancy asked.

“She’s playing herself,” Tina revealed.

Alec Baldwin, who took home the trophy for best lead actor in a comedy series, said Betty was the cast’s first choice when it came to who should guest star.

“We all put names in a hat, and we took a vote, if you could have one guest star for the whole season, who would it be?” Alec explained. “And Betty White was the winner!”

And Tina Fey also has her eye on music’s golden boy — Justin Timberlake.

“We should track him down. He’d be good.” Tina said. “I’m sure he’d totally do it — he’s not busy.”

And it appears news of a possible Justin appearance traveled fast at Sunday’s Emmys.

“Okay, you know what’s funny?” Justin told Nancy backstage. “The writers just walked through when I was heading back from the from taking photos, and one of the writers said, ‘Hey Justin, we gotta get you on 30 Rock.’”

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