Sony Slams G-Dragon for Plagiarism

Looks like the Heartbreaker is about to get his heart broken... Sony has responded to accusations of G-Dragon's alleged plagiarism and it isn't pretty!

As many of you recall, on August 21, Sony noted similarities between G-Dragon's "Heartbreaker" & "Right Round" (Flo Rida) as well as "Butterfly" & "She's Electric" (Oasis). Sony reported their observations to the original producers of each song then waited for their response. Furthermore, it isn't just G-Dragon who's under the heat - according to Freechal, "I Don't Care" by 2NE1 (supposedly akin to Lionel Richie's "Just Go") & Big Bang's "With U" are also under the same situation.

ATV Music Publishing, the South Korean branch of Sony, just announced the verdict on these alleged similarities. Today on Sisa Magazine (시사매거진 2580), a news programme on MBC, officials from Sony reportedly sent YG Entertainment warning letters. Sony's legal representative stated, "It was a hard decision for the music critics. However, they decided that there were similarities and accordingly issued a warning letter to the production company and composers. They have also denied YG Entertainment the permission to promote these songs."

So I guess it's official - all three entertainment companies of the Holy Trinity (aka SM, JYP and YG) are having some type of who-can-stir-the-biggest-controversy contest going on. In the span a mere two months, we've seen mini implosions with TVXQ, Kangin Jaebeom and now, officially, G-Dragon? Holy bejesus...

Regardless of whether you agree with this decision or not, I think Sony made their decision a bit late in the game - even if G-Dragon gets knocked off, he's already established a month-long reign over the music shows and generated explosive sales, including over 100,000 copies of his album in less than a week.

YG Entertainment has yet to respond regarding this issue. Stay tuned to allkpop for further developments!


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