Amy Sedaris & Chris Kattan ('Tanner Hall' @ TIFF)

It's hard to believe but Chris Kattan and Amy Sedaris in a dramatic movie about four New England boarding school girls and Tom Everett Scott entitled 'Tanner Hall'. Directed by Tatiana von Furstenberg (daughter of Diane Von Furstenberg), and Francesca Gregorini (daughter of actress Barbara Bach, and stepdaughter of Ringo Starr).

'Tanner Hall' premiered at TIFF September 14th.

Chris Kattan, who plays Mr. Middlewood

Amy Sedaris, who plays Mrs. Middlewood

Tom Everett Scott

Rooney Mara

Ryan Schira (NOT Shawn Pyfrom)

Georgia King

Amy Ferguson

Georgia King, Ryan Schira, Amy Ferguson and Rooney Mara

Writers/ Directors, Tatiana von Furstenberg & Francesca Gregorini

Here's the trailer, if you haven't seen it already

Danielle Nussbaum from reviewed 'Tanner Hall':

Went to the premiere of Tanner Hall tonight, and was super impressed. Set at a boarding school in the bucolic New England countryside, this coming-of-ager recalls the soft golden glow of The Virgin Suicides. Of course, that's where the resemblance ends. Teens Fern (Young Hollywood alum Rooney Mara), Kate (Brie Larson), and Lucasta (Amy Fergusen) aren't sisters, but they are best friends who live together year round--and that's a very complicated twist on the same thing. And newcomer Victoria (Brit Georgia King) enrolls and adds her own drama to a perilously angsty situation. The girls do their share of arguing, harassing the dorm mother and her English teacher husband (the goofy coupling of Amy Sedaris and Chris Kattan), and sneaking around, but this isn't Real World: New Hampshire; it has actual depth. There are inappropriate love affairs (which may or may not include the perennially hot Tom Everett Scott), sexuality questioning, and of course, growing up to consider in this microcosm. And that's precisely what filmmakers Tatiana von Furstenberg and Francesca Gregorini--who also write and perform some of the songs on the well-curated soundtrack--convey. Relationships are tricky, life can be hard, but everyone has to grow up eventually. We get by with a little help from our friends.

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