Ten TV Characters Who Need to Disappear For a While

Katherine Heigl (who still thinks she can be a big movie star after "The Ugly Truth") is taking a five-episode break from "Grey's Anatomy" in order to film a new movie called "Life as We Know It." Five episodes without any Izzie drama? That's like a dream come true. We'd love it if some of these supporting characters on other shows would also just give it a rest for five, 10, or 15 episodes.

10. Morgan ("Chuck")
How long does Benihana training take? A couple months, right? Maybe by then we'll start missing this little geek, because we've seen an awful lot of his dating life and his Buy More hi-jinks lately. Too much, in fact.

9. Topher ("Dollhouse")
Topher seems to be one of those love him or hate him characters, and we're in the latter camp on this one. Since they've established that there are other Dollhouse locations, and this one really could use an overhaul, we'd love it if he got a temporary transfer out of there.

8. Marshall ("How I Met Your Mother")
Last season, Alyson Hannigan was out for awhile on maternity leave and the show truly suffered without her, especially since there was more focus than ever on Lily's other half Marshall, and his work life. Now we're a little over him and could use some solo Lily time.

7. Tess ("Smallville")
On a show about heroes and villains, it would be nice if the evildoers were actually ... evil. Tess is too mild-mannered to really run LuthorCorp in the nefarious way that Lex or Lionel would have wanted, and with General Zod heading to town, letting Tess stick around is pretty much pointless.

6. Kenneth ("30 Rock")
He's adorable and appealing, but he's also best in small doses -- otherwise his limited shtick gets very old and very tired. Maybe Kenneth can take some time off to return home for a while and then find a way to come back with bizarre new stories to share.

5.Charlotte ("Private Practice")
We were so happy when she got canned from her private practice at the end of last season that we'd love for her to take a little time off to do some soul-searching. And we're sure that after this role, KaDee Strickland will have no problem landing a part in any rom-com as someone's annoying wife.

4. Dwight ("The Office")
The thing about Dwight is that, like Kenneth, he's best in small doses, and lately we've been overloaded with his strange antics and even stranger romantic entanglements. We think he needs to spend more time in the marketing of his beet farm's bed and breakfast.

3. Jenny Humphrey ("Gossip Girl")
While all of the other characters are going to be in college, Jenny's going to be stuck reigning as Queen of Constance Billard. What a letdown it'll be for viewers to have to go from college life to a funky dressed Jenny still dealing with high school issues. Can't she just do a semester or two abroad?

2. Thirteen ("House")
If Olivia Wilde decided to go take a break and star in some ridiculous horror movie screaming her head off while, say, her character disappeared south of the border for some experimental Huntington's treatment for a hunk of the season, it would be such a welcome change of pace.

1. Sylar ("Heroes")
Sylar's a great creepy villain, but we're burned out on the character at this point. We'd be thrilled if his personality would stay buried deep within its current Nathan shell for a good part of the season. Let another villain do nefarious deeds for a while -- after all, even Batman didn't fight the Joker every single week.

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