John has already "saved" a village, now she has tattoos,next week she's getting her Pilot's License

Shiloh John seems to take after her mom

This is a pic taken of John & her mom in France, where they are vacationing and plotting world domination

From Brad Pitt's People Magazine interview:
Q: “Having a house full of kids, with each kid having a unique personality, how do they all get along? Can you tell us a little about their personalities?”

A: “Without getting into too much detail about our kids, I will tell you we try and foster each one’s individuality as much as we can, no matter how wacko they may be.” [...]

Q: “What is your and Angelina’s favorite activity to do with the children?”

A: “Our favorite activity to do with the kids is anything creative. As of late we’ve been investigating the world of painting. Meaning we spread out a giant canvas and put out some buckets of paint and go all Jackson Pollock on it.”

They are very sweet together.

I used to mimic my mom when I was little; mostly by putting on her clothes, jewelry and make up and saying things like "Stop watching Ducktales and go to bed." Similarly, my baby cousin imitates my aunt by putting on her halter tops and strappy sandals and saying things like "I'll be back" and "This is mommy's new friend, Devon."
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