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The Office - BBC Comedy Extra

In a series of behind the scenes videos made just for the web the cast of The Office and fans dissect the origins of the show. Matthew Perry reveals why he thinks David Brent was probably a very good boss, Richard Curtis talks about it as on one of the great casting triumphs of British television and Stephen Merchant explains why in meetings with the BBC he wanted to do the talking as he feared that the "stupid fat old maniac" would cost him his chance of TV fame.

The cast of The Office and fans discuss the style & look that made the show so distinctive. Ricky reveals that they threw away jokes in order to strike exactly the right tone: "if drama is real life with the boring bits taken outwell we went and put them back in again". And Martin Freeman explains why he borrowed from Oliver Hardy in order to get the facial expressions for Tim.

The cast of The Office and fans discuss David Brent and why a sense of humour is so important to the British. Ricky also reveals why Finchy was the most difficult character to cast, and why Gareth wanted to be Finchy, Brent or anyone rather than himself.

The cast of The Office and fans discuss the Staff Training Episode and Stephen reveals the name of David Brents first band. Matthew Perry talks about the real heart of the show, the romance between Tim & Dawn and Lucy Davis explains how they made that look so convincing.

The cast of The Office and fans discuss the global impact the show has made. Matthew Perry thinks its success is partly down to its ability to "sit in the awkward for as long as possible".



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