Ville Valo Interview

Radio Nova Interviews Ville Valo...

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Interviewer: Are you a boy band?

Ville: Well, let’s say where not boys anymore. We are like Mieskuoro Huutajat (Men’s Choir the Shouters) type of solution. Boy…? It’s hard to say, I’ve said it myself that we’re a boy band just to take the piss. I think that Jackson Five was a boy band and Black Sabbath is a boy band: it’s boys that had a band and did what they liked. In that way, yes, but if we think about the traditional meaning – a band put together mechanically to maximize profits – I think there are much better examples than us even in Finland.

Interviewer: As long as the band has existed, you have been called a beautiful singer. How do you make yourself beautiful, Ville?

Ville: You mean physically beautiful? I see, I see. I’m blushing. How do I make myself beautiful? By thinking about beautiful things and behaving beautifully. I think that inner beauty is reflected on the outside as well. My physical appearance I can only blame on the genes I inherited from my parents. I don’t have any secret lotions or any powders made from the horns of reindeer to make my skin shine like Cate Blanchett’s in The Curious Case of Benjamin Button.

I thought you meant that I’m a singer with a beautiful voice. I’m disappointment—it’s always about the looks!

[both laugh]

Interviewer: Well the voice is something else too. Your band is interesting in that it’s really Finnish but at the same time not at all. It’s what I said before about you being really hard to figure out.

Ville: Yes! We’re hard to figure out, just like you said. We can’t figure ourselves out, that’s the greatest thing. I think that nobody knows anything about us, we included. I play an acoustic guitar at home, and then we go to our rehearsal place and make some songs, and when they feel right, when you’re smiling while trying not to cry, then we are about where we want to be musically. And taking it from there is another thing. [laughs] But the not knowing, it’s definitely an essential part of this orchestra. And I’m proud of that because that’s something you can’t build. It happens somehow completely organically and in an obscure way.

Interviewer: How many strings does a bass have to have?

Ville: Jaska from KYPCK plays with one string. But one is not much. D.A.D.’s bass player plays with two strings. Two is pretty okay, but I think he uses E and A, while I would prefer B and E. How many strings…? None. As long as the bass exists, you can get a sound out of it somehow, it doesn’t have to have any strings.

Interviewer: Which chords describe HIM best?

Ville: Gmaj7. It describes us worst. That much I know. Maybe sus4. Chords…? E major or Cis minor. I’m pretty bad with the structure of chords, Puppe is much better. Puppe has so many names too. I mean Janne Puurtinen, Burton, Puppe, Putte, nowadays Putte Piller whose hit from Michael Jackson’s Thriller is called Piller Nähr that he plans to perform on tv one day. But anyway—anything that has 9ths and 11ths. Those are okay.

If HIM has seemed elusive lately, it’s because a new album, ScreamWorks: Love in Theory and Practice, is in the works. There have been hints of a change in sound on the album, to be produced by Matt Squire and released on February 14, 2010, which likely has the band’s followers simultaneously nervous and excited.

Until HIM releases its Valentine’s Day gift next year, there are a multitude of the band’s videos and live performances available on YouTube. This includes a large chunk of the set at Pukkelpop.

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