Renee Zellweger: Motherhood is Slavery

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She is beautiful, she is single and she is also a highly-successful professional. However, in spite of all these positive attributes, Renee Zellweger is not the perfect woman. Anyone who is planning to settle down with her and start a family needs to forego the charm of parenthood, because Renee is not at all comfortable with the idea of motherhood. In her own words, “motherhood is slavery.”

If you have any doubts about her “unique” take on motherhood, listen to what this 40-year-old actress has to say about her experience after spending an evening at her brother’s home with his two children.

My brother has two children now, so I’ve been playing aunt Renee. They’re two and four. It’s chaos. Moms out there, kudos to you. The cool thing about being an aunt is like, I can leave. No offence to my big brother Drew, but that is slavery. I dare you to take a shower. You can’t do anything unless they let you. It’s a dictatorship. They’re little dictators in their crib.

Sigh! Renee is so uncool. A woman who compares motherhood to slavery does not even deserve to be a woman. Anyway, let’s pray that someday she realizes the truth that mothers are not slaves.