Katie/Master, Jennifer Garner, & Kristin/Brody

Katie, as usual, makes a run for it, and Tom forces her in to a public place to make sure her shit is in order.

<-- The kid's face is dead-on to what mine would be if I was in their company: "Jesus Christ, someone get me out of here."

Smile pretty for the camera, Katie - we wouldn't want another "herpes" ordeal. Keep fighting back those tears, baby!


Tell me I'm not crazy - the woman Jennifer Garner is out & about with in these pictures has an uncanny resemblance to an older Heidi Bressler of The Apprentice, doesn't she?

Seriously though, tell me there isn't a resemblance:


This couple SCREAMS "please... five more minutes..." and I kind of like it.

<-- Her laugh is so obnoxiously lovable.

Remember Kristin, you're the top - LB hasn't been cancelled yet.
(By the way, this is Kristin from Laguna Beach and Brody Jenner from the short-running Princes of Malibu.)

Source: JJB
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