So, after posting some comments in response to some posts about Laguna, a couple of you have requested that I, being a current and longtime resident of Laguna, make a post revealing the truth about the show, the town, and the people on the show. This is something I really wanted to avoid doing, I would rather sit back and try to disassociate myself with the show and the people on the show as much as possible. But it has come to the point where I would really like to clarify some things about the kids on the show. So here it goes...

Let me start out by stating my relationship to the kids on the show. I graduated from Laguna Beach High School in 2003. I am a year older than most of the kids from the first season. Laguna is an extremely small town. Everyone knows everyone, and gossip (sadly) gets around very quickly. The kids on the show are nothing too spectacular. Let me clarify that by saying that sure, we all live in an amazingly beautiful town, with a large percentage of the residents being very affluent. But the personalities and lives of the kids on the show are nothing special. They only appear that way because MTV has orchestrated them into these "cool" kids. I don't know where to begin, so I'll further break down how I know these kids. Lauren C dated my first exboyfriend right after we decided to "take a break". Basically, he cheated on me with her. And I still obviously hold it against her a bit. She is definitely gorgeous, her father is a very successful architect, and she lives in a monster of a house on the top of Three Arch Bay, one of the five privately gated communities in Laguna. She and Stephen never had a relationship beyond a best-friendship, perhaps they drunkenly kissed one night, but never did it go beyond that. That was all MTV's doing. Kristin is the little sister of my twin brother's best friend. We were neighbors in Three Arch, never hung out or anything. She has changed a lot in the last couple of years. All this hoopla has definitely gotten to her head and she is really trying to stretch the fame this show has gotten her. Her father is also a super successful architect and he is in the process of building a fattie mansion next to the Conrad's mansion in Three Arch. I've seen her around town and she's pretty concieted... Casey is very very very wealthy. I don't know too much about her except that she lives in what we locals call the "Gucci mansion". It overlooks Aliso Beach. I once delievered flowers to her once (on a side note, Christina used to work at the flower shop with me) and it was the most pathetic looking bunch of roses (about 10 dollars worth, which doesn't go too far with roses in a flower shop). But she was soooo stoked to get them, I was pleasantly suprised. The house is absolutely crazy, the front yard is magic and totally cheesy.

Talan is very well off too, he and I kind of hung around the same crowd my junior year. I had a huge crush on one of his friends so we saw each other occasionally. He thinks he is a player but I personally think he is pretty meager. He is neighbors with Morgan S (from this season). Morgan's older sister and I used to be very close in elementary school. She is a cool girl and pretty harmless. Alex H's older sister and I (she was on the first season) were best friends in the beginning of high school. They used to have an amazing house in lower Three Arch that looked over the ocean. They sold their house and now they live on PCH, super close to Casey's house. I've only been there once, a long time ago. Alex is a pretty cool girl. Her realy name is Lauren and I always called her that. I always to go the Coffee Klatch (at least I used to, before it was featured on the show) with my boyfriend, I ran into Alex and Gary once. Love them both, they are super sincere people. Alex M is a great girl too, but I really think her whole relationship with Jason is completely fabricated thanks to MTV. She was dating this guy who was the same age as my older brother (LBHS class of 2000), and he would have totally (and probably has) kicked Jason's ass if he even tried to touch her. I'm pretty sure they (Alex and her boyfriend) had to have been broken up. But still, I doubt the gravity and realness of Alex M and Jason's relationship. I don't know Jason, nor do I know Jessica. Even with our town and high school being tiny, it was still easy to not know people. Taylor is a super sweet girl. She dated this guy Tyler in my grade for a long time. I don't know her too well, but it surprised me that she was selling out to be on the show.

None of them are poor. As I posted earlier in response to the post about the babble found on, a few of the kids are a lot more well off than others. It saddens me that MTV chose my town to exploit and use to profit from the OC craze. I don't hold it against anyone who religiously (or even rarely) watches the show. I've falled victim to MTV too. But it confuses me so much that people are even interested in the made-up drama. It might fascinate some people because it seems so completely ridiculous. Or others because even the made up reality seems better than their own. But I just want to clarify that these kids are absolutely normal. They have some money and a lot of free time. But that's about it. It would have been really entertaining if MTV had filmed what actually goes on at the parties, now that is entertainment.

I hope this sheds a different light on the show and the kids. I don't know what more to say, but if anyone has questions I'm totally down to answer them as best I can. I feel like a sellout myself for even writing all this here, in this community. But people need to get over the hype and realize that MTV is just a money-hungry monster that is exploiting these kids and my precious town. WORD.
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