This might be interesting to only Detroit area ppls

Radio show's bathroom banter spurs controversy

Did the "Morning X" talk jocks on CIMX-FM (88.7, 89X) take a joke so far that their show was pulled from the air Thursday? Perhaps for good?
For the last few days, hosts Dave Hunter, Chuck the Freak and Lisa Way have been involved in something called "Operation Dark Stall," a microphone-driven "investigation" that began Monday after Chuck said he found an unidentified station employee lurking in an employee restroom -- where it was completely dark.
On Tuesday's show, Chuck gave an eyewitness account -- he said he took off after being startled by the ominous shadowy figure -- and then the jocks (and callers) followed up with humorous speculation about what one might do in the dark loo.
They also called other 89X personalities and station employees and questioned them on the air, employing, of course, their usual brand of sarcasm. But the employee who was the target of their fun apparently didn't take too kindly to the ongoing grilling and complained to management.

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