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So today I decided to brave Comic-Con for one last round. I primarily went because I wanted to try and get in to see this...

As it appears, there was an offsite exhibit presentation of Tim Burton's Alice In Wonderland. You had to follow "importantdate" on twitter, they told you when tickets were available and where. So we went down there to get our tickets. Each ticket had a different key on it, and a time window. You had to come back at that time window and you and about 7-9 others got to see the exhibit with a tour guide at a time.


The exhibit was FANTASTIC. All the costuming is done by Colleen Atwood. They really spared no expense on it and the photos do not even do the props justice. You got to hand it to Tim Burton's vision and Disney's wallet cause this was one of my top 2 things about Comic-Con this year. Getting to see all the actual props and costumes this early was a huge treat cause March seems like such a long way from now.

Sorry for the huge photo but thumbnails do not do this business any justice.

alice mosaic

There are tons more on my flickr stream. The best way to view them is in slideshow mode cause I organized them in a somewhat sequential way. To view the rest of the photos, you can do so here.

So excited for this movie!

Source: me and my camera.
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