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Alexander Skarsgard: "I prefer to be naked"

LOS ANGELES. His viking vampire Eric has made a huge sucess in the very popular tv show "True Blood".Count on it that the attention around Alexander Skarsgård will grow.
This season he is also doing nude scenes.
"I have no problem being naked infront of the camera", Alexander Skarsgård says when Expressen meets him in Hollywood

The Hbo series True Blood have taken viewers all over the world by storm. The second season have just started in USA and the reviewers continues to praise Alan Ball that also created Six Feet Under.

Swedish was spoken
Alexander,or Alex that he is called in in Hollywood, plays the vampyr viking Eric, a role that now is only growing in the show.
In the latest episode that aired in the USA last sunday the viewers got to see a bit of Erics background and then swedish was suddenly spoken for several minutes when a group of vikings had survived through a battlefield.

"I love sweden"
Alex came back to Los Angeles earlier this week after two weeks vacation in Sweden.
"For the first time I feelt that I came home when the plane landed in Los Angeles. I love sweden and my family and my friends there,
but now I have been living in California for five years and have gotten my career started here."
During the first three years Alex lived on the couch at a friends house in Hollywood.
"I fought so hard for the parts just as anyone else and several of my talented friends are still working for their breakthrough.
I realise how fortunate I am."

"Not so crazy"
The tvshow "Generation Kill" about a group of american marine soldiers during the invasion of Iraq made Skarsgard a star in Hollywood last year.
"True Blood" is gonna lift him even higher. He loves the shows mix of sex, lust and the danger about the unallowed.
"That's where the attraction is, it's easy to go wrong. Eric isn't as crazy that everyone thinks, but he has a strong will and justify his actions."
And now we are gonna see you naked as well?
"For me it's not a big thing, I have been naked in other roles I have done before both on theater and in movies. Here they wanted to test everything from a sock to a bodycolured miniunderwear, but it only felt weird.
I prefer to be totally naked instead. As long as you and the actress feels that it works it's okay and we are a tight bunch that makes this show.

None daring guess
He dosen't want to reveal who he has sex with in True Blood, but it's fair to guess that it is Anna Paquin, that plays Sookie Stackhouse.
"Surprised over the sucess?"
"No, not the least."


Alexander Skarsgard about:

......the new role against Kate Bosworth in "Straw Dogs"?
"Is gonna be a blast, I'm leaving for Mississippi the second of august to get ready, especially when it comes to the southern accent, and then we start shooting on the 17th of august."

.......the contract with HBO and the role in True Blood?
"My contract is for six years. How many seasons there will be I don't know, but I'm pretty sure that True Blood will continue for a few more years."

......the vacation at home in Sweden recently?
"Two wonderful weeks. I hung out with my friends, visited my mom in the Stockholm archipelago for five days and visited my dad at his countryplace on Öland for a couple of days."

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baby viking

In his first movie, Ake Och Has Varld

here's some scenes from that movie


they have the whole thing over at no subtitles though, so you'll have to watch it for the cuteness only

young viking

a 22 year old......VIKING.
Now, i'm 22 years old and i gotta get my ass to Sweden cause the 22 years olds around here DO NOT, and i reapeat DO NOT look like this....AT ALL.


last but not least

and Alexander has a message to all the rest of the male population(except for lafayette, of course):

"you all can go shave your back now."