Lots of Mileyage

Miley Cyrus posted this picture on her twitter with the caption: "I feel so alive :)".
How mysterious.

Prior to that she "tweeted": "i sorta kinda miss you today... :)".
Could she be referring to missing a certain curly-haired boy?

It also appears that the teen popstar is really into a book titled Identical. She has raved about it through Twitter quite a few times whilst reading it:
mileycyrus reading "Identical" only 200 more pages to go! I love this book so much I'll finish it by tonight :)
@heidimontag @perezhilton its a story of 2 identical twins. 1. who is being loved in a way only the mom should and the other takes her
cont- frustrations out on her sister, drugs and alcohol. They both are headed down the wrong path and one must save the other. beautiful.

This post is brought to you by a fangirly me, dressed up in a Hannah Montana wig last summer: