Someone is finally legal…

Yes, our little darling Hilary Duff is no longer jail bait.
She turns 18 today.

Also today's birthday:

Naomi Watts (37), Gwyneth Paltrow (33), Bam Margera (26), and those who are on ONTD, holla!


Renee eyeing for Ireland?
What has Renée Zellweger been doing in the two weeks since she filed for an annulment from Kenny Chesney, her hidden hubby of four months? If you believe the tabloids, she's been catching up with some musical men from her past.
Last week, a less-than-reliable British rag floated the rumor that she'd contacted former flame Jack White, whom she split with in late 2004 after two years of togetherness. Now, the London Daily Mirror claims the Oscar winner, 36, is reaching out and touching Irish singer/songwriter Damien Rice, 34, whom she spent quality time with earlier this year.

"Damien and Renée are very close and when her marriage fell apart, he was the obvious person to call for a shoulder to cry on," a source with a broad definition of the word "obvious" tells the paper. "He is always very supportive of Renée but denies they are anything more than friends. The couple have spent hours on the phone to each other since the split and she has told friends that Damien is helping her get over Kenny."
The skin-and-bones star is purportedly planning to hole up on the Emerald Isle with the privacy-loving balladeer in order to escape the headlines generated from her "fraud" filing.

"What she really needs now is time away from prying eyes -- and she is confident she will get that in Ireland," the snitch claims. "There are few paparazzi there and people generally mind their own business."
The actress will supposedly stay in Rice's bucolic hometown of Kildare, although an Irish paper believes she'll "hide out" at his swanky new digs in Dublin.

Either way, the mole adds to the Mirror, "Renée will be able to get over this emotionally trying time without having to worry that the eyes of the world are on her."

Renée was spotted with the singer in Ireland last February, just weeks after she met Chesney at a tsunami benefit.
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