Boondock II : All Saints Day

Boondock II : All Saints Day [long-awaited sequel to cult film Boondock Saints], is due to start filming soon-- maybe even as soon as next month.

There will be a third 'Saint': a young Hispanic-American named Romeo to be played by Clifton Collins Jr.

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Collins Jr talks Boondock II : All Saints Day
Fri, 23-Sep-2005

The long-awaited sequel to the Cult hit "The Boondock Saints" (1999) is finally gearing up for production, a few years shy of it's initial announcement.

According to MTV, actor Clifton Collins Jr ["Light it Up"] has joined the cast, playing the best friend of the twin brother vigilantes, played by Sean Patrick Flannery and Norman Reedus.

"I play Romeo; I'm more or less the third Saint," Collins said. "[We're] defending the world, killing off the bad guys."

Writer/director Troy Duffy's "Boondock II : All Saints Day" will hit apparently go to theatres, no straight-to-video as the original did in many territories.

The sequel - Co-starring Marley Shelton ["Sin City"] and Billy Connolly (Willem Dafoe was in talks, but his schedule didn't permit it), was chatted about on Aint it Cool - quite a few moons back, and even back then, director Duffy knew who he wanted for the follow-up.

“There are two new roles that I am very excited about. Romeo (29yrs) is a Hispanic American who has an instant bond with the brothers. He has all the makings of a new Saint. I like Clifton Collins Jr. for this (Franky Flowers in Traffic, Last Castle, Tigerland, Replacement Killers, and starred opposite Samuel L. Jackson in “187”). He’s been a buddy of mine for a long time and is an outstanding talent. I also believe he’s got all the right charm to portray a wild ass like Romeo. The second is Eunice Bloom (30yrs) a FBI agent with a bi-polar disorder that feeds into her crime solving ability. I like a young actress named Marley Shelton for this. There are times when you just get a feeling on someone. I got the feeling with her.”