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Kodak Offers Reward To Help Connect Megan Fox And "Boy with Yellow Rose"

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Remember that poor boy who tried to gift Megan Fox with a yellow rose? The sad look on his face? (Megan has already apologized.) Really was a touching scene wasn't it?

Well, Kodak sure thinks so!

The company is offering $5,000 to anyone who can ID this boy and help reconnect the fan with his favorite star.

"In an attempt to foster a new relationship with two amazing people, Kodak urges the “Rose Boy” to come forward and identify himself so that the company can help arrange a real rose exchange. To help accelerate his prompt identification, Kodak will offer $5,000 to the first person who can provide verifiable information that enables Kodak to make this connection happen. Kodak will also cover travel costs for the young man and his family to help allow destiny to take its course, and provide cameras for him to capture the moment.

“It’s amazing how just a photograph can connect and change the lives of two complete strangers,” said Leslie Dance, Vice President of Kodak's Worldwide Brand Marketing & Communications. “If this photo is any indication, this boy was really hoping to meet Megan Fox and give her that rose, and we'd love to help make his fantastical wish come true.”"

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